Quality Control Planning

The first step of quality management is planning. We take time to identify our goals and what our baseline to be. We regularly determine what your quality standards are, the requirements necessary to meet these standards, and what procedures will be used to check that these criteria are being met. In this planning stage, we consider

Quality Control

This is the process of physically inspecting and testing what we laid out in the planning stage to make sure it is obtainable. We confirm that all the standards we have put into place are met, and we identify any mishaps or errors that need to be corrected. We pay very high attention to all aspects of the product, including both the materials used and the process of putting them together.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is reviewing the delivery process of services or the quality management manufacturing of goods. By inspecting our goods or services at the source, we catch mistakes before they reach the customer. We fine tune our processes to prevent errors in the future. When reviewing our products or services during this stage of quality control management, we follow below steps:

To be effective, quality assurance is being completed regularly through independent audits

Quality Improvement

Improved quality is always the core at Avyukt,,.

After completing the quality control process, we thoroughly review our findings and come up with a way to improve our methods and processes going forward. The desire for continual improvement is the goal for every successful company and as a part of quality improvements, we gather all our data, re-evaluate both the processes and the product—always keeping compliance in mind—and then begin the quality control management process again. With each cycle, we end up with a better and safer product and high customer satisfaction