Manufacturing Technologies
Avyukt Chem LLP is well equipped with Plant and Machinery, Technology and a Team of Technocrats to manufacture quality bulk drugs & its intermediates.
Manufacturing technologies at Alex Industries has its concentration on production of products in the category of Intermediates as well as bulk drugs.
The Technology is also capable to carry out custom synthesis. The manufacturing plant establish and operates strictly as per international standards and has all the necessary infrastructure and services of a modern and multipurpose pharmaceutical bulk drugs (API) and intermediates manufacturing plant.

Reaction Technologies
Our teams at Alex have experience in a wide range of chemical processes including conventional and catalyzed reactions.

▸ Grignard Reactions
▸ Friedel – Craft Alkylation / Acylation
▸ Chlorination
▸ Grignard Reaction
▸ Nitration
▸ Condensation
▸ Halogenation
▸ Amination
▸ Redox Reactions
▸ Dehydration